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2017 Black Mental Health Symposium; LaTonya Summers Speaks…

Daughter of a Black Panther, Black Mental Health Crusader, Soon to be Doctor; LaTonya Summers sits down with HumpDayRadio to talk about many things, but in particular, she wants you to know about the Black Mental Health Symposium that’s taking place September 22nd at UNCC. Listen and get the details!!FullSizeRender (14)

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A Thin Line Between Love & A Mate; The Shonda Lou Interview

IMG_2751FullSizeRender (13)IMG_2754 (1)IMG_2756The Writer, Director, Producer of the play sits down with HDR, along with the leading actress of the play, Ciara Johnson. Click and LISTEN!!

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Kristena Kay; She Knows Where to PUT YOUR MONEY

Charlotte has changed greatly AND IS STILL RAPIDLY GROWING… Kristena Kay has the scoop on the hot areas and comes in to discuss investment opportunities in Charlotte and better ways for us to manage our money to get on the road to financial stability in this time of growth. 

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STUCK’s Antonio Roberson; The Queen City’s RISING STAR

Back from New York, and after turning in a hilarious performance in Ylonda Powell-Medley’s highly relevant and powerful stage play, Antonio Roberson sits down with the HumpDayRadio fellas and talks a little about who he is, where he’s from, and where he’s going.

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Your Lying Government is COMING; RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

We discuss 9/11, the “Moon Landing” and, what will happen when the sh*t hits the fan. It’s just the good ‘ol HumpDayRadio Barbershop style discussion of sh*t you were thinking about ANYWAY! The lovely Adrienne Charleston kicks it with us on this one… not without hesitation though… FullSizeRender (7)IMG_1364FullSizeRender (6)

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International Pole Convention; ATLANTA June 1-4, 2017

We interview Takeila Fox, Tiffany Baker, and JJ Dae about the upcoming International Pole Convention in which Takeila and JJ Dae will be performing. Tiffany is also a Pole Artist, but she will be a Judge at this event. Listen to find out how to get tickets and where to be!! Also check out the footage of JJ Dae performing for us LIVE at the station…IMG_1331IMG_1328

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Drill Sergeant Dads & Boot Camp Sons



S.A.M Fortune, DJ Johnny D & Bobo


Lillian Blanche

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