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HDR Goes in BarberShop Style on EVERYTHING from the recent Correspondents Dinner to Sundresses and THE NBA SNIPER STEPHEN CURRY! Show#17 on 5-2-13

ExposedTaraji Henson Sundress
ObamaJordan Wedding
Stephen CurryHDR Outside

HDR is currently working on getting a few interviews with the so-called ‘EXPOSED HOES,” in the Exposed Hoes in Gastonia segment to see if they REALLY ARE HOES. We now know the Girlfriend’s name who posted the pictures and we’re trying to secure that interview as well. The ultimate goal is to get the nigga who left his phone unlocked on the show to explain how he FUCKED UP SO MAJORLY ( to the expense of our viewing pleasure of course ). Stay TUNED folks. . . They gettin’ NAKED OUT’CHERE!

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