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We Interview 2 Naked Girlz

Two Ladies from Naked Girlz drop in… JUST LISTEN!!


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From STUCK To Beyond; The Actress Syncere

After a powerful performance in Ylonda Powell-Medley’s play titled “STUCK,” Syncere Summer Johnson sits down with HumpDayRadio to discuss her talent and heartaches in life… Her ambition is evident and we officially tag her as a rising star and someone to watch!! Click the PLAY button and GET FAMILIAR with this rising starlet.

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What If White Folks AWAKENED?

We discuss the Philando Castile killing, the Colin Kaepernick BLACKBALLING and our BOYCOTTING of the NFL this season among the STILL EVER PRESENT DIVISION IN THIS COUNTRY and how we think it could be fixed. This segment is just good old fashioned HumpDayRadio; STILL ATTEMPTING TO GET YOU OVER THE hump… EVERYDAY!!

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Tommy Beard; Carolina In The Rear View

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Go See STUCK; A Play by Ylonda Powell-Medley

She Talks about her upcoming production of STUCK at the Duke Energy Theater and recounts running back into Samuel L. Jackson in the middle of a movie set in NY. Push PLAY!!

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Bring Back The Basketball Goals in Bessemer City, NC Campaign Blog

Hump Day Radio’s very own S.A.M Fortune grew up playing on these courts so it holds a special place in his heart. An isolated incident of violence broke out on the basketball courts in Bessemer City, NC and the basketball goals were taken down in order to (and I quote a local resident) “eliminate certain types of people from the area in order to prevent any further incidents.”
Well… I don’t EEeeVen have the time to go off apropos, so I’ll be brief… because I always like to take the opportunity to show those who think there’s not a difference in how things are handled when “certain types of people” are involved, that there is.

You see that slide in the one picture? That leads into a pool the city charges people to swim in all summer. They make a killing. Numerous incidents of violence have occurred at this pool and the pool is still there. There’s a Park about 15 minutes away named Martha Rivers Park and they have soccer fields and baseball fields on which numerous fights between over zealous parents have erupted over bad officiating or just plain ol redneck pride… And guess what?…. Yep…. Baseball fields and soccer fields are still there.

I’ve always been aware that the reason they didn’t put basketball goals up at Martha Rivers Park is so that the little privileged kids in the nice neighborhoods surrounding it would be less likely to have to interact with…. YOU GUESSED IT!! ….”certain types of people.”
I make zero excuses for ill-behaved numbskulls… ANY TYPE… but I question this “resolution.”
Let’s just take the goals down.
Let’s just go ahead and apply that logic to EVERYTHING…
There; I’ve “said something about these photos.” The city council needs to find a better solution then just to close down the park and takeaway something that has been apart of this community for years now. Hump Day Radio is starting a campaign to bring back the courts to Bessemer City.

Here is the link for the story curiosity of WSOCTV:

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Takeila Fox; The Artist of Pole

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